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The Girl With Pinhead Parents

07 Dec 2011, Posted by admin in News

Animation Director: Andrew Holland Character Designs: Stefanie Arschnig Animators: Philippe Tardif, Joe Acorn, Tim Larade, Adam Gunn and Ben Durrel BGs: Tony Mitchell and Andrew Holland Compositing / Editing: Juan Cruz Baldassarre and Murray Bain

Garth & Bev – Ice Lolly

07 Dec 2011, Posted by admin in News

Here’s an excerpt from a Garth & Bev episode. The cutest children in the Bronze Age, will discover how water freezes and time travel to meet the sweetest inventor. Copernicus co-produced this series with Kavaleer Productions and broadcast on RTE, CBeebies, and BBC2. The show…

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

07 Dec 2011, Posted by admin in News

An anti-Suicide PSA for The repetitive daily grind can wear on us all, don’t give up! Fairly fast and a tight on this , but hopefully the message gets through. Flash and AE was used to produce it.

Spesh K- Knockin’ em Down

07 Dec 2011, Posted by admin in News

Our boy Spesh K takes on Bullies and End Bosses in this animated video, breath in this nostalgia, mmmm basementy. Don’t scratch on grandma’s turntable, kids! Props to Mike Tyson’s Punchout, and old timey wharf-side boxing. Directed By: Bradley Cayford

Nelly Furtado – Explode

07 Dec 2011, Posted by admin in News

We were lucky to work with Ms. Furtado during her second album, Folklore. The original title for this song was “teenage waste” and recounts Nelly’s youth and teenage belief of indestructibility. Directed by: Bradley Cayford